Other projects. 

We've been very busy with various projects during 2020/21. We have been building up our Haddington studio with new mics, guitar amps and interfaces. A new Yamaha piano is on order and should be with us just in time to finish off our final track on the album.

We've even been involved in film production - a first for us. Last year Stephen started a project with jazz and blues singer Kyron Bourke. This collaboration continued for the past year and the result is a 30 minute film which is currently making the rounds of film festivals in Europe and here in Ireland.

The film and upcoming album 'No Explanation' is a play with music and is based on the poems of Eileen T O'Neill. Kyron put the poems to music and the final jazz compositions are spine tinglingly beautiful.

See the Trailer here, a song called Someday Soon, featuring a stunning vocal by Maeve Smyth.